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Carousel Mandala CAL

Welcome to yarn station, dear visitors. Today I would like to introduce you to a unique project, the free patterns of which are available in many languages. Carousel Mandala CAL by Anna Nilsson is a new, 2021 product, and many of you probably do not know about it. This makes me very happy because I contribute to the popularization of amazing designers and I can recommend you such cool things. Is it a miracle? Uniform, sophisticated forms, no exaggerated nuances. Only charisma. I will not talk much about this amazing idea, you can see for yourself how wonderful it is and if you want to create it, you will get comprehensive information and instructions from the pattern.

In today’s article, I want to talk about caring. It does not matter what kind of care you are talking about. Whether it is caring for a loved one, caring for a child, caring for a plant or animal, or caring for and pampering yourself. Will it be a caution on the item, if the decoration is created with crochet, which you give to someone, or create for your own mood, to change the interior of the house? Caring is almost never an altruistic act, on the contrary, it is almost always the greatest expression of selfishness. But at the same time how noble he is, both himself and the time with thinking about it. Yet none of the feelings and ways of acceptance exist independently, in them are the stories of others and the inevitability, and all the answers beginning with “because”… They are all together. That is, caring is an art. We may think we are lawyers and good mothers and since childhood, we have not tried to draw anything. But we care. That is, we master a very distinct genre of art, and refine it, or vice versa. And who knows, maybe they will tell us again that we are superficial in our duties. Or maybe we are all for what we tried to turn out to be — caring. Here we all participate together.

With love and respect, yarn station.


Free pattern.

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