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Welcome to yarn station. I am very happy because it is already spring in my country. I managed to catch a cold, but that’s okay. In addition, I am happy that some promising processes have started in my disordered homeland, the new generation is at the height of its calling and is not following the path to regression.
I don’t know why I want to tell you about such things, because my blog is about a completely different topic, but besides crochet, this is also the home of my thoughts.
Now let’s get down to business. For a few days I could not concentrate and show you new projects, but today I am back with some interesting and practical ideas. The name of the first one is Circular Motion Sweater by Shiri Mor.

It is quite possible that it does not suit your taste, but you never know how a sweater made with the right clothes and the right colors will fit. Take a look, you might be interested. I really like it because it is simple and unpretentious.
I wish you success, joy, the return of solar energy to your heart and mind, and good health. With love and respect, yarn station.
Free pattern.

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