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Orange Blossom

Welcome to yarn station. Dear visitors, I am very happy that you are active, and I can see that I am able to interest you. Because of this, I am highly motivated and despite the limitations, I manage to find new, unique, free patterns. You have such demanding taste, and you will not be disappointed. At the moment, I’m trying to get ready for spring, and although the weather is not helping me yet, I know for sure that my mood will improve soon. As soon as the sun gathers strength, I will also become more active and productive. Until then, I try to compensate for the shortcomings with colorful, beautiful ideas.
Today’s great project is called Orange Blossom by DROPS design.

I love their projects because everything is available for free and they never disappoint me. I am sure you will like this beautiful blanket and try to work on it sometime.
I wish you pleasant days, drama-free thoughts, the ability to concentrate on work, and the well-being of loved ones. Everything is never good, but giving up is not an option! The only movement is the solution. With love and respect, yarn station.
Free pattern.

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