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Spring It Back

Welcome to yarn station. I hope that with the spring in your life, health, improvement of character, and only good news began. There is still a long time before the final warming, but I feel that the sun’s rays have gained strength. On a blog about crochet, my texts may seem strange to you, but I try to pay more attention to the positive changes in the environment and get motivated in a new way. Because I appreciate you very much, because we love the same thing, and that is crochet and art and colors in general.
Today I want to show you another impressive idea. You can see a more summer version of this project in the previous article, but if you like a more closed-up outfit, then this is what you’re looking for. This is Brooke by DROPS design.

Excellent, sophisticated, practical, and despite so many forms and ornaments, still so plain. That’s what excites me: nothing more or less, everything in balance.
Share your thoughts with me. And I wish you love, peace, a healthy environment, and a good drive on your life’s path. With love and respect, yarn station.
Free pattern.

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