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Summer Is Coming

Welcome to yarn station. After a few days’ break, I’m back with renewed energy and new patterns. Maybe you already know about some of them, or maybe one of them decorates your wardrobe, but I think you will find at least one new source of inspiration.
Although it is still early days before we start dressing thin and loose, the fact is that any project takes time to create, so it is better to start taking care of spring-summer clothes from here. That is why I chose Aphrodite by DROPS design in the projects prepared today.

A sophisticated top that goes with the sea, jeans, and you. Do you like it? I am very happy when you contact me and share your thoughts, so don’t be lazy and write me your reviews, it is your comments that develop me and my blog.
I wish you a lot of joy, healthy life, and interesting news. With love and respect, yarn station.
Free pattern.

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